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AEJF Championships 14th August 2011

All England Judo Federation

Head Office: 80 Upminster Road South, Rainham, Essex. RM13 9AA

Tel 01708 551100  Mob: 07946066160   E-Mail: [email protected]

Affiliated to: Havering Sports Council

Results of “Below Orange Belt” Championships 14th August 2011

Boys  U8 G-1

Gold                Freddie Coombes            Phoenix

Silver               Connor Thompson           Busen

Bronze              Kyle Thorn                   Kyu-Shin-Kan

Bronze              Riley Milsom                 Manor

Boys U8 G-2

Gold                Charley Pegrum              Equinox

Silver               Kien Keeble                  Manor

Bronze              Bailey Hampton              Docklands

Boys  U8 G-3

Gold                Luke Anns                    Keisen

Silver               Reggie Pegrum               Equinox

Bronze             Zack Maher                    Phoenix

Boys  U8 G-4

Gold                Tom Spooner                 Kyu-Shin-Kan

Silver               Tommy Botstone             Daggers

Bronze              Zrakli Goginashvili           Docklands

Boys U 30k

Gold                Luke Ripley                   Keisen

Silver               Adam Batstone               Daggers

Bronze             Danny Batstone               Daggers

Bronze             Andrew Roffey                Keisen

Boys U 35k

Gold               Adam Norman                 Daggers

Silver              Brandon Dowson              Kyu-Shin-Kan

Bronze             Luka Gelopani                 Docklands

Boys U 40k

Gold               Jack Fitzgerald                Keisen

Silver              Bradley Lemon                Busen

Bronze             Lenny Mitty                   Phoenix

Bronze             Alfie Pearson                 Daggers

Boys U 45k Gold Callum Pearson             Daggers

Boys U 50k Gold Matas Kelvelis              Keisen

Boys U 55k Gold Adam Saadna               Docklands

Boys U45/50/55 mixed

Gold                 Callum Pearson             Daggers

Silver                Adam Saadna               Docklands

Bronze               Matas Kelvelis              Keisen

Boys Over 60k

Gold                 Joe Charlton                Keisen

Silver                Tyler Smith                  Keisen

Bronze               Alfie Feltham               Phoenix

Senior Men

Gold                 Jay Cooper                 Kyu-Shin-Kan

Silver                Aaron Smith                Keisen

Bronze               Tony Long                 Kyu-Shin-Kan

Girls U 8  G-1

Gold                 Holly Pearson               Daggers

Silver                Isabel Dowson              Kyu-Shin-Kan

Bronze               Lauren Lemon              Busen

Bronze              Alyssa Thorn                Kyu-Shin-Kan

Girls U 8  G-2

Gold                 Paulina Kalvelyte            Keisen

Silver                Ellen McDonald              Keisen

Girls U35k

Gold                 Amy Eldridge                Equinox

Silver                Amy Vallance                Equinox

Bronze               Diane Wesderhoven         Busen

Bronze               Shannon Norman            Daggers

Girls U45k

Gold                 Meghan Batstone            Daggers

Silver                Laura Smith                 Blackwater

Girls U50k Gold    Alexandera Noon            Daggers

Girls Over 60k

Gold                 Chloe Batstone              Daggers

Silver                Georgia Noon                Daggers

Bronze               Roxy Baker                  Daggers

Bronze               Chloe Seymore              Kyu-Shin-Kan

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