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AEJF Kata course

Sunday 2nd October.

On a day when when sensible people were outside enjoying the hottest day in centuries two dozen AEJF  judoka gathered at Jays Boys Club in Dagenham, Essex to learn Kata. Thanks to the organisational skills of Sensei Shayne Thorne and the teaching ability of Sensei Steve Butler the day passed smoothly and enjoyably and we even managed to get home in time to enjoy a few hours of sunshine.

The focus of the day were Nage-no-kata and Katame- no-kata – which several of the judoka present need for the next AEJF national Grading (23rd October at Mersea Judo Club). The day should have gone a long way to increasing their confidence that they will be able to demonstrate the katas to a good standard.

The day finished off with a look at Juno-kata which as Sensei Steve pointed out is not required knowledge for kyu grades but lessons learnt from practising it will improve all areas of judo practise.

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