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Since the  All England Judo Federation was formed as a Non-Political Judo body, the club membership has steadily grown to such an extent it was starting to become difficult to be managed by the Founder Members.

It was therefore decided at a Founders meeting late 2011 the Federation would be regionalised into 4 clear regions;

  1. Northern
  2. London and Southern
  3. South Eastern
  4. Eastern

Each of these regions would consist initially of;

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Coach

With the option of a Vice Chair if required.

Every club within the specific boundary of the region was invited to put forward a club representative to attend regional meetings to put forward their views for the improvement of the Federation.

To ensure each Region maintains the same policies & processes, a Founder member was assigned the task of Regional Coordinator.

  • Northern Region – Sensei Joe Norman 7th Dan
  • London & Southern – Fred Turner 6th Dan
  • South Eastern – John Pegram 6th Dan
  • Eastern Region – John Pegram 6th Dan

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