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Eastern Region ‘Newaza Event July 8th 2012’

I hope everyone who attended Sunday’s event enjoyed themselves. If you weren’t there you missed a good one. As one of the organisers it made me really happy (and relieved) to see so many judoka brave the heavy downpours to meet up at Blackwater Leisure Centre, Maldon, Essex for the AEJF Eastern Region’s first Newaza Event.

We owe a big thank you to John McCarthy 5th Dan for recommending the AEJF Eastern Region hold an event of this nature, and then promoting and encouraging so many judoka to attend (I could attempt a joke about how many arms he had to twist to get judoka to attend – but I won’t). Also a big thank you to Sensei Kate Dawson 4th Dan and Sensei Dale Sowman 3rd Dan for their excellent instruction of the junior grades.

I am sure his various uke’s thoroughly enjoyed learning from the best. I would also like to thank all the other Dan Grades who shared their knowledge and helped instruct.

We had more than 10 Dan grades (from 1st dan to 6th Dan), in the dojo and judoka from over 10 different clubs taking part as well. This includes 14 seniors and 30 juniors (of the juniors 12 were under Yellow belt), so a good mix of age and ability. Too often judoka only meet each other at competitions – a good place for gaining experience but not always the best venue for sharing knowledge and a love of judo.

My only complaint about John McCarthy’s techniques is how easy and natural he makes them look. It is only when you try to practise them that you find yourself scratching your head trying to remember what to do.  John McCarthy has produced a DVD of his favourite techniques; if you speak to John Pegram ( 07966 824496 or email [email protected] ) he will pass on your request. Cost per DVD £12.00

If you have any comments about Sundays event or suggestions for future events please either post them on the AEJF website or ask your Sensei to let a member of the AEJF Eastern Committee know.

 All AEJF events are organised for you, the judoka, only if we know what you want can we try to organise it.

Sandra Walker 4th Dan

AEJF Eastern Region Secretary

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