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The A.E.J.F Judo Syllabus

Our Judo Syllabus is designed to incorporate a wide range of techniques, common in many respects to other Organizations, with a few additions and deletions.

Our Junior students (under 16 years of age) do not wear above Green Belt around their waist, although different coloured tabs indicate the level of competence within this grade, to a maximum of three Black Tabs.

Kata – for grading purposes our emphasis is mainly in the learning and understanding of Nage no Kata, Katame no Kata , but other Katas are practiced within Clubs.


Judoka Novice to under Green Belt are graded by their own Sensei within their own club.

Judoka looking to grade up to Green(3rd Kyu), Blue (2nd Kyu) or Brown belt (1st Kyu, upper or lower) are graded at Regional Level

All potential Dan grades are graded by a National Panel

All Federation Dan Grades must pass a Basic Referee award, and to maintain this award, must referee at least 3 times within a twelve month period, at Competitions, Courses or Gradings, to maintain the Current Referee award. Without a current award, you cannot progress within grade structure.

2012 AEJF Syllabus

The new syllabus with a start date of 1 July 2012 is now on the AEJF website. The syllabus will reviewed periodically based on feedback received from the AEJF Regions. All feedback must be sent to the AEJF National Secretary John Pegram 6th Dan at [email protected] for merging and issue to the AEJF Technical Board for their review.

It should be noted the syllabus is a guideline for AEJF grades and the individual clubs have the flexibility to coach on additional techniques where required for Kata and where it would benefit the Judoka.

All feedback will be responded to once reviewed.

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