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This page is dedicated to the memory of everyone who has been involved in British Judo. Not just those who have won medals in International arenas, but anyone who has inspired AEJF Judoka to study, practise and enjoy Judo.

If you would like to see a tribute to a judoka who has inspired you then I need you to share your memories with me.

Just as Judo should not be about negative actions so this Tribute page will only focus on the positive achievements of those who have helped mould British Judo. Many judoka who have become entangled in the politics of judo have become embroiled in acrimonious disputes, but since anyone appearing on this page is no longer able to defend them selves this is not the place to continue controversies about rights or wrongs.

Click here to send me your details, your memories, what it was about them that inspired you, details of their life and judo career, and if possible a photo of them.

Our Japanese Heritage

The British Heritage

Bill Wood (1930-2006)- In all respects an all-round Champion of British Judo

Bill Wood and his part in the History of British Judo

Bill Wood, His Personal History

Sandra’s  Memories of Sensei Bill Wood

Ted Jackson (d.2009)

Joe Norman’s Memories of Ted Jackson

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