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A meeting took place in Leicester on Sunday 14th February (Valentines day) between Joe Norman (AEJF President), Ann Norman (AEJF Treasurer/Licencing Officer), with Jack Hearn Sensei (8th Dan), Juneille Smith (6th Dan), John Hall (4th Dan), all members of the Northumbria Budo Association, based north of Newcastle, in respect of improvements within Judo.
Jack Hearn Sensei (aged 87) would put many of us to shame on his physical condition, and showed many photos of himself with Abbe Sensei, Michigami Sensei, plus many other Judo Icons, he even had a photo of himself with Joe Norman, Chris Dawson (Newcastle), Steve Butler, Darren Lyons, Keith Whiting, etc.,
The talks were highly successful, and within the month or so, further details will be released.

Enclosed photo (left to right): Joe Norman, Jack Hearn, Ann Norman, Juneille Smith and John Hall

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